Webcams located in Riga and other Latvian places

Livu square
Webcam in Riga - Livu square

Freedom monument
Webcam in Riga - Freedom monument

Suspension bridge

Historical panorama
Webcam in Riga – Historical panorama

Riga - Old Town
Webcam in Riga - Audeju street in the Old Town

Skarnu street
Webcam in Riga - Skarnu street in the Old Town

City Market
Webcam in Riga - City Market

Cathedral Square
Webcam in Riga - Cathedral Square

Daugava Embankment
Webcam in Riga - President Castle

Riga - Town Hall
Webcam shows Riga Town Hall Square

Cesis - center
Webcam in Cesis - Unity square

Daugavpils - Center
Webcam in Daugavpils shows Unity Square in the City Center

Rezekne - center
Webcam in Rezekne shows Liberation Square

Mersrags - port
Webcam in port of Mersrags

Mersrags - center
Webcam in Mersrags - City center

Mersrags - estrade
Webcam in Mersrags - City estrade

Ventspils - panorama
Webcam in Ventspils - view from Hotel Dzintarjura

Liepaja - Rozu Square
Webcam in Liepaja - Rozu Square

Liepaja - Beach camera
Webcam in Liepaja - Baltic Sea beach

Liepaja - center
Webcam in Liepaja - City Center