President: Latvia cannot avoid making decisions in the refugee matter

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President of Latvia Raimonds Vejonis has ordered the Cabinet of Ministers to coordinate actions with political parties, municipalities and social organizations and develop a clear action plan for the government in regards to the refugee matter in Latvia within the next two weeks. «I ask the government to explain both possible costs, accommodation opportunities for refugees, their options for learning ... Read More »

Photo: Latvian President has a look at progress of repairs at Riga Castle

Latvian State President Raimonds Vejonis came to Riga Castle on Wednesday, 16 September, along with Riga Castle Reconstruction Council Chairman Imants Lancmanis to have a look at the progress of repairs. After their visit, Vejonis expressed hope it will be possible to relocate to the new work place at the beginning of 2016. Vejonis said, unfortunately, it will not be ... Read More »

LRA urges Vejonis to actively participate in refugee resettlement matter

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Latvian Regional Alliance urges President Raimonds Vejonis to take active part by calling in a forum that would gather all political parties present in the Saeima, ministers and representatives from different Latvian regions so that it would be possible to search for solutions in the refugee resettlement matter. The refugee problem is a matter of national security for Latvia. The ... Read More »

Rumours circulate regarding Belevics’ plan to quietly appoint Rozentale in a high post

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It is possible that Baiba Rozentale may be appointed by Latvian Healthcare Minister Guntis Belevics as the ministry’s head specialist in infectology. In addition, this decision may have far-going plans in relation to financing of medicines against HIV/AIDS and C hepatitis, as reported by Pietiek. When asked about his plans, Belevics refused to provide any comments. Up until now healthcare ... Read More »

Economic Diary of Latvia. Tractors vs. sanctions

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Thanks the to the sense of solidarity present among all members of Latvia’s political elite, people are learning more and more about the people expected to pay the so-called solidarity tax. BNN had reported about this tax initiative last week. Now the first shots have been fired. President of Lattelecom Juris Gulbis has announced that the so-called solidarity tax could ... Read More »

776 refugees would cost Latvia 2.8 million euros

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If Latvia agrees to resettle 776 refugees, subsistence costs and paid language lessons would cost around EUR 2.8 million, as stated in Latvia position in regard to EC’s offer to resettle additional refugees, according to information from LETA. On Friday, 11 September, Saeima European Affairs Committee excluded from the agenda the matter regarding Interior Ministry’s prepared draft of Latvia’s position ... Read More »

More than 12,000 jobs vacancies available for job seekers in Latvia

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Latvia’s registered unemployment level was 8.5% at the end of August. Compared with July, unemployment has decreased by 0.1%. There were 80,671 unemployed people registered with the State Employment Agency at the beginning of August. At the end of the month, on the other hand, there were 79,825 unemployed people. Unemployment reduced in all regions of Latvia in August. The ... Read More »