Rumours circulate regarding Belevics’ plan to quietly appoint Rozentale in a high post

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It is possible that Baiba Rozentale may be appointed by Latvian Healthcare Minister Guntis Belevics as the ministry’s head specialist in infectology. In addition, this decision may have far-going plans in relation to financing of medicines against HIV/AIDS and C hepatitis, as reported by Pietiek.

When asked about his plans, Belevics refused to provide any comments.

Up until now healthcare professionals in Latvia believed the post of the ministry’s head infectology specialist was guaranteed for LU Professor Ugis Dimpis, who has worked three years in this field in Africa and has a dissertation and has defended it in Cambridge. Belevics had even publicly confirmed this during a council meeting in Stradins University Hospital.

Latest news, however, state this promise may turn out empty. It is likely Rozentale will be appointed to the aforementioned post this week. She had been Latvia’s Healthcare Minister at some point in the past. She is also known to have made multiple unreasonable decisions while in that post.

Pietiek received information from sources in Healthcare Ministry that Rozentale, who is very experienced in the field of medicine and administration of funding, could be appointed to this post with far-going goals, which, among other things, are tied to Belevics’ family pharmacy business.

Rozentale, who is currently head doctor of Latvijas Infectology Centre of Eastern Hospital, may take on reins to divert the flow of HIV/AIDS and C hepatitis medicine directly through the Infectology Centre, as well as merge Lung and Tuberculosis Hospital with Infectology Centre.

What is interesting is that Belevics is a representative of Union of Greens and Farmers. Rozentale, on the other hand, is a representative of Harmony. «One would think there is some business model involved,» – said an anonymous worker of Eastern Hospital.

Belevics refused to answer any questions in regard to Rozentale’s possible appointment in the aforementioned post. Neither did he answer questions in regard to his previous promise to give this post to someone else.


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