Lagzdins: UGF’s and NA’s actions are short-sighted and unprofessional

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There is no constitutional crisis in Latvia. However, it looks as if the Union of Greens and Farmers and the National Association are playing political games, and their actions seem more and more unprofessional and short-sighted, said former Saeima deputy Janis Lagzdins in an interview to Rietumu Radio.

«What we have seen lately in the behaviour of these coalition parties and how they always try to pick a special position in certain matters is nothing short of an attempt to show their voters that they are fighters and they wish to defend Latvia’s interests,» – said Lagzdins. «What we see now is short-sighted and unprofessional behaviour by two coalition parties who only think about their short-term interests, as well as using mislead masses of voters to their own advantage without considering possible political consequences.»

According to Lagzdins, parties could change their position if President Raimonds Vejonis decides to interfere and clearly describe his own position.

«We’ve seen it multiple times, when political parties changed their position after consulting with higher authorities and gaining additional information,» – said Lagzdins, adding that parties overestimate voters’ position in the refugee matter. ‘Voters are sufficiently clever. They vote in favour of those who do real work and can demonstrate results.’

Europe is confused and doesn’t know how to resolve its own problems, which are largely related to the enormous influx of refugees. This is why member states want Latvia to demonstrate its own opinion and extend a helping hand, said Lagzdins.

According to Lagzdins, most refugees who arrive in Europe are driven by economic motives, so it is unlikely asylum seekers will stay in Latvia for life.

«There is no better life to be found in Latvia. This situation will remain for at least ten years. Those hundreds or thousands of refugees that will appear in Latvia will realize to their horror that this is not the wealthy Europe. I am convinced that 99% of them will run away from Latvia in two years. With that, there is no reason to create any special long-term refugee sectors,» – said Lagzdins.

He believes Latvia has no reason to worry about refugees’ integration in Latvia’s society or teaching them Latvian and Russian languages. Instead, he believes, Latvia should teach them English and German languages, which would help refugees integrate in countries they wish to live in.


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